Briary's Academy For the Terminally Supernatural
Because it'll kill you in the end

Welcome to Briary's Academy for the Terminally Supernatural. A non-discriminatory boarding school for all teenagers of all supernatural leanings.

Secretary - Miss Knowling (Amy Poehler)

27 Females
20 Males
1 Both Genders

Active since June 14th 2013

To Jupiter, OC applicant:


We have received both your application and your message, and we apologize for not having been able to get back to you sooner. You did not provide us with an easier way to contact you, because we do not wish to post things publicly when we feel it would be better if you were to be informed in private.

As to the matter of your application, we had to unfortunately decline it due to the non-negotiable age limit we have implemented months ago. As stated in our rules, we only consider applicants not younger than 16 years of age. Again, we regret not having clarified this with you sooner.

We thank you for showing interest in our group and we hope this would not stop you from trying out others.


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Today is the last day to post starters for camp activities! All paras and interactions taking place during activities may continue after today, but no more starters may be posted after midnight EST tonight. 

Tonight if they ever let me out of work I will post information on the new event beginning this coming week! Make sure you are following the events blog so you will be up to date on all posts!

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Schedule for the next few weeks

Hello students of BATS! This is your mods coming to you with information regarding the end of summer camp (sorrowful sighs) and the start of a new school year (even more sorrowful sighs)!!! To keep this easy to follow we are going to plot this out by date and keep you posted as things are happening. 

August 23rd - Last day of summer activities! This means this will be the final day to post any starters involving activities. Any ongoing paras or gif chats involving activities may continue past this point, just no more may be started. Students will still be living in cabins however, so starters involving the cabins, mess hall, and general camp area are still encouraged. Also on August 23rd we will have information on -drum roll-…

August 25th - August 31st - A NEW EVENT! That’s right everyone, buckle up and hold on tight because it’s gonna be a wild ride. Information regarding the event will be posted this weekend. 

September 1st - Students will move back into the main buildings of BATS, and begin preparing themselves for classes. Information on dorms will be posted closer to the move in time. This week the class list will be posted and students will have one week to decide what they will be taking for the Fall semester. 

September 8th - Classes begin at BATS. YAY.

Reminders of all of these will be posted on their respective dates. Please make sure you are following the Events Blog so you will be kept up to speed with everything that is happening as well as tracking the tags batsnews and batsevent.

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"Excuse you, I was sleeping there!" 

Felicity Clawson 
Werecat | 16
Caracal | 105
Danger Rating: 2

Show us what you can do…Her senses are heightened, even in human form and she always lands on her feet, which comes in handy when she likes to climb to such extreme heights. Most defining of all, she can turn into a  feline at will, and occasionally not at will. 

Strengths:  Heights, sarcasm, agility 
Weaknesses: Yarn, water, being awake

So they say…Felicity was the first werecat in the family since her grandmother, which came as quite a shock to her poor parents. She was well loved by her family, if a bit misunderstood when she tended to cling to the light fixtures when it came time for a bath. These days Felicity spends her time at BATS, writing letters home of her many misadventures with her friends.

Felicity can be your best friend one minute, be yelling at you the next, and rubbing your shoulders in apology the next. She is a queen in her own right, and while she can be snobby from time to time, Felcity’s intentions are always good, and despite her flakey demeanor, she’s always excited to make new friends. She can usually be found prowling around the corners of the school, especially the high places no one would ever think to look. From her perches Felicity tends to see all and know all, but what she plans on doing with that information is anyone’s guess.

Everybody wants to be a cat,
Because a cat’s the only cat
Who knows where it’s at.
Everybody’s pickin’ up on that feline beat,
'Cause everything else is obsolete.

But I heard…You’re such a perky little thing Felicity, always bouncing from place to place with that positively frightening grin in place. But we’re onto your game Miss Kitty Kat. The rumor going round is you were busted by your parents for your garden of personal catnip you were keeping. Just because you’re away from your parents doesn’t mean you’re going to get away with this again. Just make sure you don’t waste too many lives crashing down from that high. 

Felicity Clawson is portrayed by Emma Stone. She is currently TAKEN.


Welcome to BATS Louisa Ryder!

You will be living in Metal Cabin.

Your activities will include: Astrology, Adaptive Combat, Mock Siege Warfare, Hunting, and Arts & Crafts - Biological.

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Welcome to BATS Tyler Smith!

You will be living in Sky Cabin.

Your activities will include: Acrobatics, Human Watching, Adaptive Combat, Winged Horse Sports, Ancient Rituals, and Fun With Fire.

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"I'm tired of being a punching bag, alright?" 

Cody Pope
Sylph | 16
House TBA | Room TBA
Danger Rating: 2

Show us what you can do…Can float and control mild air currents. Rumored to be able to control up to hurricane type forces one day, and be able to dissolve into mist. 

Strengths: Cheering people up, looking on the bright side of life, baking, small breezes
Weaknesses: Humidity, storms, standing up for himself, consistantly being at the wrong place at the wrong time

So they say…Cody is the school punching bag and there aren’t many other ways to put it. He’s naive, immature, and kind to a fault, making him an easy target. He has been known to snap back from time to time at his aggressors, but it has much the same affect as a bunny baring its teeth. Especially since all he can do in retaliation is create a mild breeze that might mess up your hair. 

Despite his rather rough time with some of his peers, Cody has found a friend group that doesn’t harass him as much and he’s generally a cheery little kid. Always happy to help anyone in need, even if they’re not the type of person that would help him, Cody will do just about anything for anyone, from baking you cookies when you’re having an off day to helping you study for a test when you just shoved him into a locker a few hours before. 

Oh, the wayward wind is a restless wind
A restless wind that yearns to wander
And I was born the next of kin
The next of kin to the wayward wind

But I heard…Cody you’re just embarrassing  We don’t even know what to say at this point it’s so bad. You’re everyone’s doormat and don’t even do anything interesting in return. Do you have some secret super cool life we’re not hearing about? Or do you really just spend your days playing tag and arranging flowers and causing small air currents to cool people down? God you’re lame. 

Cody is portrayed by Grant Gustin. He is currently TAKEN.


Welcome to BATS Molly Magnus!

You will be living in Fire Cabin.

Your activities will include: Ghosts, Skyball, Advanced Dreaming, Ancient Rituals, Tea Time and Arts and Crafts- Voodoo

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