Briary's Academy For the Terminally Supernatural
Because it'll kill you in the end

Welcome to Briary's Academy for the Terminally Supernatural. A non-discriminatory boarding school for all teenagers of all supernatural leanings.

Secretary - Miss Knowling (Amy Poehler)

21 Females
19 Males
1 Both Genders

Active since June 14th 2013

KIMIKO SHIZUMI | AGE: 16? 60? 1600? (she’s not telling) | HOUSE: OSPREY | ROOM: 305 | SPECIES: KITSUNE | FC: KIKO MIZUHARA | TAKEN

Abilities- Shifts between human and fox form depending on how bored she is with the company, immortality, the odd possession, breathes fire. Or lightning. It’s hard to keep track of who she’s told which one to.

About Kimiko: Kimiko was almost in the Air Force once. That was before she granted Napoleon the power to become emperor. Wait that timeline doesn’t fit… Shh no she’s a fox now, you wouldn’t get mad a cute little fox would you? No one’s quite sure who Kimiko is or where she came from and that’s how she intends to keep it. She isn’t above using her innocent looks and frequent falsehoods to sidestep any trouble she may be in. Not that many people press an issue twice- anyone on her good side can expect a bit of mischief to befall them every now and again, but those who cross her may find themselves running naked through the halls. Not that she’d know anything about that.

Gossip About Kimiko: We aren’t even sure what to say about your Miss Shizumi, and only partially because we’re terrified of what might happen if we do. We doubt rumors are any skin off your back, in either form, however, actually, we’re pretty sure you live for the rumors and confusion you cause wherever you go. Do you even know your own history at this point? Because with making so much up and mixing it with reality we think maybe you’ve even gotten lost. Maybe you should really see the school guidance counselor and get that sorted out.